Precious Metal Processing

Delivering higher standards through a better understanding

The pressures, temperatures and caustic nature of precious metal processing requires careful, quality maintenance of vessel linings to ensure maximum uptime and production. Processing gold through oxidation, for example, exposes the roaster brick lining to high levels of corrosive sulfide and a high degree of mechanical erosion from the system’s slurry environment.

Southwest Refractory engineers understand the science behind the thermomechanical and corrosion-inducing aspects of your processing system—and how they impact your specific lining needs. Our systems are engineered to help operators optimize performance, maximize vessel life and minimize unit downtime.

At Southwest Refractory we make every brick-lined roaster or autoclave, vessel and tank in your operation a true work of art—with engineers who understand your process and craftsmen who are among some of the world’s most elite. In fact, we’ve provided mission-critical roaster refractory turnaround support for one of the leading gold processing facilities in the United States for twelve years.

Our crews work closely with the facility and other stakeholders to ensure that turnaround windows are met, budgets are adhered to and every aspect of a project is planned in detail well ahead of crews arriving on site.

What You Get
  • Extensive knowledge of precious metals operations
  • Maximum protection from corrosion and heat
  • Elite field and facility installation crew
  • Strict project planning and management at every step
  • Extensive track record of success in the industry
  • Roasters
  • Autoclaves
  • Tanks
  • Quenches
  • Other Vessels