Bringing Superior Protection To Syngas Production

Environmental pressure and new efficiencies have put 300 gasification facilities and nearly 700 gasifiers into operation (with around 75 more under construction). But realizing their true potential takes high-intensity vessel lining systems that can handle these challenging reation environments.

As syngas applications and markets continue to mature, gasification has begun to transform fossil fuel economics—and create profitable, sustainable bi-products along the way. No matter what your configuration, gasification vessels are routinely exposed to high reaction temperatures, high pressures, reactive gases, corrosive slags, thermal shock and other risks to system integrity.

Southwest Refractory engineers and installs brink lining systems that protect your facility and uptime along each stage of the gasification process. We understand the thermal and corrosive conditions of these systems and have specialized engineering expertise that ensures a system designed for superior longevity and efficiency.

Our demanding construction standards mean that every project we perform ranks among the highest quality refractory installations available anywhere in the world. Southwest Refractory's team has helped dozens of gasification facilities better protect their syngas production equipment, whilte ensuring that turnaround and build-out deadlines are met without stress.

What You Get
  • Specialized engineering expertise and custom systems
  • Quality craftsmanship by the best in the business
  • High-performance materials for ensured unit reliability
  • Superior thermal efficiency and long service life
  • Aggressive project management and solid communication
  • Gasifier Reactor
  • Quench
  • Residence Vessel
  • Syngas Cooler
  • Fire Tubes